CSEL is a non-profit and non-partisan organization of attorneys representing authors, screenwriters, songwriters, and other creative professionals in the entertainment industry.  Our organizations seeks to provide a welcoming space for litigators and transactional lawyers alike to network, strategize, and collaborate on issues of common interest.


CSEL seeks to balance the influence of defense-oriented law societies and international media conglomerates through education, public-policy advocacy, legislation, and litigation. Our bi-monthly meetings offer members vast freedom to propose new projects and initiatives to be taken up the various internal committees of CSEL. We welcome prospective members to reach out and learn more about the various opportunities in and accomplishments of CSEL.


CSEL was founded in 2013 in response to the notable lack of plaintiff-friendly professional societies in the Los Angeles entertainment law community. Since CSEL’s first meeting, our organization has grown rapidly to include many of the top plaintiff-side litigators and transactional attorneys in Los Angeles. We welcome all like-minded entertainment attorneys to inquire as to the professional advantages of involvement in our organization.